Professional Revision (30-page full application)

A fresh pair of eyes for your full application!
The revision cycle covers the entire proposal review for full applications (30 pages).

I will examine your application as an HEU expert, making suggestions, and highlighting key aspects for evaluators on each section. Whether you are looking for orientation on a first draft or ready to submit, I will devote 3 working days reviewing your full proposal.

Deliverable: Report + Annotated proposal + 1h follow up meeting
Expected delivery: 3-5 working days
Total ($): $350/day * 3 working day on average = 1050 $

This service does not include edition or adding new content to your proposal. I also offer professional consultancy by the hour.

Looking forward to helping you!

Introduction: I work as a consultant and proposal writer helping SMEs to reach their funding goals. I am passionate about the proposal-crafting and mentoring process. I have a PhD in Biology and have submitted over 21 projects for Horizon 2020 Phase 1 and 2, EIC Accelerator pilots, Horizon Prize and BBIs since 2017. Covered topics include, but are not limited to; Water and Waste Management, Renewable Energy (Green Deal), Food Applications (Farm to Fork), Construction, Building & Infrastructure, Health& Consumer Products, Biotechnology, and ITC.
Professional Type: Individual Consultant
EIC Accelerator
Professional Expertise (Years): 4
Number of Applications Submitted: 21
Success Rate (%): 9.5
Communication Languages: