Professional proposal revision [stage 1 (5 page)]

I help you improve your stage 1 (5 page) proposal

After preparing your first draft, I will help you analyse the key areas in detail and provide a full evaluation review (detailed comments + follow-up call) and key areas to improve for the second draft. This will help you identify key sections to focus your efforts on. We work together to improve the proposal and produce a complete comprehensive second draft that touches the key areas highlighted by reviewers. Typically to produce a quality final document needs around 3-5days. For this service, I charge a daily rate of $400 per day ($1,200 est. total payment).

1. Final documents (5 page + Pitch) ready for submission with all key areas addressed
2. Approx. time: 3-5 days depending on the condition of the first draft.
3. Est. total cost: $1,200

Introduction: For the last 4 years, I was engaged with more than 40 highly innovative SMEs from 10+ European countries. Typically, the clients I have worked with secured around €2 million, to develop their technology and prepare for scale-up. To date, I have secured over €15 million in public and private funding. I have drafted successful proposals in the following areas: 1) Planned Maintenance Systems, Advanced Manufacturing Systems and Technology; 2) Nano Technology, Ohmic heating and Sintering; 3) Medical Diagnostic devices and medical strategies including E-Health Technologies; 4) Surveillance Technology and systems; 5) IT-Internet of Things, Advanced Analytics, Web Platform Development, Automated Supply Chain Management.
Professional Type: Individual Consultant
EIC Accelerator
Professional Expertise (Years): 4
Number of Applications Submitted: 40
Success Rate (%): 25.0
Communication Languages: