Writing of Dissemination & Communication of EIC Accelerator

We help you write the dissemination and communication sections of your EU Accelerator Proposal in an innovative and unconventional way. We are a communication agency active in the world of EU projects but with a strong expertise in the field of engagement for social impact. We can design compelling dissemination strategies and engaging communication products that will help your proposal to be different compared to other ones.

- Review of the impact section of your proposal.
- Creation of a tailored and dedicated dissemination and communication plan, listing purpose, objectives, target groups, activities and communication outputs.
- Creation of the dissemination and communication work package, impressing evaluators with new approach, methodology, actions and outputs related to communication and exploitation of your results.

Depending on your needs, we can propose you different service timing:
- 1 day of work, if you wrote the dissemination section already and you just want our informed review.
- 4 days of work, if you want us to build up your dissemination and communication strategy from scratch.

Introduction: TREE Agency (http://treeagency.eu/) is an agency that believes in the power of engagement as a tool for designing, producing, and promoting social innovation initiatives. We help dreamers to keep dreaming once they open their eyes and we are always hungry for new ideas and forward-thinking projects. The agency submits more than 20 proposals per year to different public and private donors. Moreover, we set in place communication strategies to support and develop projects of social utility. We design and produce visual identities, multimedia content, TV commercials, and social media campaigns to improve communication to the outside world and help projects to bloom. The agency is based in Estonia and has offices in Brussels and Milan.
Professional Type: Consulting Company
EIC Accelerator
Professional Expertise (Years): 10
Number of Applications Submitted: 40
Success Rate (%): 35.0
Communication Languages: