Project Revision (30-page application)

My focus is to help you scale your vision using your innovative idea.

Project Revision will be directed at reorienting your 30-page application (resub or initial drafts) to clearly communicate the project's potential and highlighting key assessment points for the evaluators.

The revision process will require 5-7 days working days, key deliverables will include an annotated version of the proposal, 1-hour follow-up meeting and a revision report. Average cost for revision cycle will be $2,250 for a typical 5 day work period.

Introduction: I am an Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering trained expert with a passion for transforming global societies through innovation. Since 2014, I have had the pleasure of doing this as an Innovation Consultant and Grant Writer, writing as well as managing over 50 proposals each worth between €50,000 and €2.5-million for funding programs including Phase 1, EIC Accelerator, Fast-Track-to-Innovation, Innovation Actions and Smart Grants (for UK & USA). This has allowed me to contribute towards getting some of the most promising ideas in green fuels, efficient heating, circular economy, cybersecurity, advanced manufacturing, nanotechnology, medical devices, AI, education, Farming 4.0 as well as machine learning ready for market introduction – with a success rate ~25%
Professional Type: Individual Consultant
EIC Accelerator
Professional Expertise (Years): 7
Number of Applications Submitted: 50
Success Rate (%): 25.0
Communication Languages: