Professional Revision for EIC Accelerator Full Application

We support innovative business in preparing superior project proposals for both EIC Accelerator application stages.

The professional revision service for EIC Accelerator Full Application includes:
● The revision of the Full Application proposal, including the WorkPlan and Budget;
● The revision of the financial plan and request for the equity option (if applicable);
● The revision of the Appendixes;
● 2 hour consultancy for further improvement.

The service is priced at $5.350

Introduction: Alien Technology Transfer is an exclusive consulting firm leading top-class innovators to success, with the financial support of public funding opportunities and strategic private investments. We champion only impact-driven innovations, and support companies with concrete growth ambitions funding their product development. We support high tech companies by bearing the financial burden of accessing prestigious institutional public funding in the EU and USA. Since 2014 our services have helped hundreds of innovative projects turn into successful business ventures. Our focus is on small and medium-sized enterprises, and highly competitive programmes such as the EIC Accelerator Programme. Visit our website:
Professional Type: Consulting Company
EIC Accelerator
Professional Expertise (Years): 7
Number of Applications Submitted: 200
Success Rate (%): 32.0
Communication Languages: